Greetings & Welcome to Goth Gloom Spookhouse – GGSH Home

GLOOM MANOR 2014 – Your room is waiting as theres always room for one more guest at Gloom Manor…..
Is this hotel actually haunted..or is just your imagination hmm… We’ll be sure to leave a dim light on for you to find your way…..
Going Up!!!

HOURS :  DUSK Til 11:00 PM    ( Operating Hours Subject to Change or Vary a wee bit)
We do ask that you bring a non-perishable canned food donation as once again we will be collecting
for our local Food Bank, The Round Rock Serving Center

in the Bradford Park Subdivision between Toll 45 (Louis Henna) and Gattis School Road.


Greetings and welcome to our Manor, Goth Gloom Spookhouse, an ever changing and evolving Home Haunted House located in Round Rock Texas.

GGSH was born in October 2008 with nothing more than a few store bought props and a love for Halloween. That year all we had to haunt with was a  Spirit Animatronic of Jason Vorhees, a Hanging Skeleton  and an eerie green lightbulb.  We had just purchased our house in September and prior to that we had lived in an apartment that never saw a trick or treater.  That first year in our home we experienced our first Trick or Treaters coming to the door for a candy treat, but we also had something else waiting for them..a SCARE!!  The neighborhood loved our house and the way we slowly opened the door and dressed in full costume and in full character handed out the treats they were seeking.  We had several parents ask to take photos with us and this got us thinking about reviving our old passion for Home Haunting..and thus was born – Goth Gloom Spookhouse on October 31, 2008.

In 2009, we decided to expand a bit and set up a small Haunt inside the garage and had our first walk through experience. The theme that year was “The Witches Swamp”. All of the neighborhood turned out to see what was behind the Spooky Tree facade we had put up over the garage door only a few days before.

In 2010 we did an entire haunt based on the “Carn-Evil” theme featuring of course Scary Clowns, Strobe lights, fog and oh yeah, it was all in 3-D so everyone wore 3-D glasses to walk through.

2011 brought the Asylum and Haunted Bedroom Theme.
We had some really fun props we built especially for that year. The Hatchet Slaying Door, The Haunted Dresser and our Tribute to Disney’s Haunted Mansion favorite Madame Leota, our own Hallie Ghost Prop.
That year KVUE news from Austin did a LIVE remote from our graveyard and took their cameras inside to film the spookhouse.

For 2012  We created our own “Steampunk Laboratory”.  We built our own versions of Mad Scientist Lab Equipment
such as “Steampunk Inspired Bubble Tubes, a Jacobs Ladder and other assorted props with guages, meters  and lights.  This is also the year we created our Zombie Cage Scare which was one of the best scares we have ever
designed.  We had great crowds both nights and collected allot of canned food donations.

For 2013 we went outside the box a little bit and created our Indiana Jones inspired Haunt “The Ruins of Gloom”
Adventurers of all ages journeyed through our ancient tombs and skeletal crypts and can now say that they survived the Poison Dart Hall and the Spikes of Death as they escaped through the gator infested jungle, across the suspension bridge of doom and into the Gloom Manor graveyard.

In 2014 we will return with an all new Spookhouse, Gloom Manor.  Is this Hotel actually haunted or is it just your
imagination hmmm…..we’ll be sure to leave a dim light on to find your way to your room….going up!!

The Spookhouse has grown as a result of the YouTube influence and the inspiration of fellow haunters all over the U.S. and Canada. We started building most of the props in our haunt and re-purposing other items to suit our needs.  By watching haunt related tutorials online, we’ve been able to develop our skills and build more advanced props to go with our theming each year. This led us to start our own YouTube Channel – gothgloom, where we now post and share videos of our own prop building experiences, past Spookhouse haunts and other halloween related information.

In 2012 we were also able to give back to our community by collecting canned food for The Round Rock Serving Center and we plan to continue doing so each year, as it was a great success and we collected a huge box of food. Thanks to all who came to our Home Haunt and brought a can of food.

People ask all the time why we do this and why we would devote so much time and money to a Holiday that is only 1 night a year just to scare people?? We do for this for the love of Halloween. It gives us a chance to be creative, build some really cool props and build lasting memories in a childs mind. The same memories I had as a little child, walking up to that spooky house with the Walt Disney “Chilling Thrilling Sounds of the Haunted House” playing….I was scared to death..but I remember those as fun times and how cool it was to tell my friends I survived going to the spooky house.

Today some of the neighborhood kids walk by when we are building the haunt and we hear them say “That’s the Spooky House” as they walk across the street, that always brings an evil smile to our faces.

There are a lot of great photos for your viewing pleasure in our Photo Gallery. Be sure to stop into our Video Gallery to see the videos from our past years haunts. Also, dont forget to check out our regular Video Blogs for tons of great information and make sure you visit our YouTube page and Subscribe if you like what you see.